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Any news on the Pine Grove, Masonboro Loop and Masonboro Sound roads intersection?

Ken Little

“The city is moving ahead on this project” and work should begin in June, said Carl Farmer, city of Wilmington capital projects manager.

The project was originally scheduled to be bid in August 2010.

Farmer said the project was re-bid and awarded to Thomson & Co., Inc. of Wilmington.

“Their contracts are being prepared and we anticipate work starting in June,” Farmer said.

Progress Energy, AT&T, and Time Warner are in the process of moving their facilities to accommodate the new construction, he said.

As envisioned in 2010, the work includes a new realignment for the intersection of the roads.

“The new intersection will have Masonboro Loop/Pine Grove traffic moving through the intersection and Masonboro Sound Road coming to a stop at a ‘T’ intersection,” Farmer said in 2010

The project also will include a left turn lane on Masonboro Loop/Pine Grove for left turns onto Masonboro Sound Road and to the adjacent developments.

In addition to the realignment, the project will provide improved drainage at the intersection.

The work is funded by the N.C. Department of Transportation and the city of Wilmington. A N.C. DOT spokeswoman said in 2010 the completed project “will improve the safety of the intersection.”

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2 Responses to “ Any news on the Pine Grove, Masonboro Loop and Masonboro Sound roads intersection?”

  1. On May 5, 2011 at 11:56 pm Steve Clemmons wrote:

    Why don’t they build a round-a-bout or traffic circle? This is a perfect spot for one and will solve all the recurring problems.i

  2. On June 2, 2011 at 10:48 am Daniel Baden wrote:

    I agree with Steven. Using Google satellite maps and a mock-up of a round-about designed to DOT specs, I believe the circular would be the ideal solution and fits.

    P.S. During construction, those of us in Pirate’s Cove, Between the Creeks, and all along Masonboro Sound Road should be able to use the “no through traffic” road behind the little shopping center to get to Beasley Road.
    I for one will not want to travel all the way around Masonboro Sound Road to go back North. Surely DOT can relax the restriction during construction.