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Whatever happened to former StarNews sportswriter Barry Cooper?

Chuck Carree
Barry Cooper

Barry Cooper, former StarNews sportswriter and founder of Blackvoices.com.

I, Chuck Carree, succeeded Barry Cooper as a staff writer here Feb. 2, 1978.

Cooper has done well for himself. He was chief executive officer of Blackvoices.com before it was sold to AOL-Time Warner, friends said. Now he lives in Orlando, Fla., where he does consulting work for ESPN and other media outlets, they said.

He also is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Cooper began working at the StarNews as a sports stringer as an 11th grader.

After leaving the StarNews, he worked for the Orlando Sentinel, where, in 1983, he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for a series on disadvantaged athletes.

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