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How did Old Maccumbers Station Road get its name?

Ben Steelman

According to local history librarian Beverly Tetterton at the New Hanover County Library, the name comes from the Macombers, a once-prominent family of landowners in the Wrightsville Sound area. The Wilmington Morning Star for Dec. 22, 1901, carried an obituary for James N. Macomber, 68, a noted farmer and merchant who had for many years been the Wilmington agent for the Southern Express Co.

James M. Macomber was buried at Wilmington’s Oakdale Cemetery, where the name was entered into the records as “Macumber.”

Macumber Station was one of some 20 stops on the “Beach Car” (trolley) line from Wilmington to Wrightsville Beach; among the others were Oleander, Audubon, Winter Park, GreenvilleĀ and Hammocks, some of which still mark Wilmington-area neighborhoods today.

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