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How can UNCW justify building entryways when the state is in a $2.7 billion deficit?

Jason Gonzales

New brick entryways are under construction on the campus of University of North Carolina Wilmington. Photo By Mike Spencer/STAR-NEWS

Money for the brick campus entryways are designed to go to renovations and improvements at the school, said Charlie Maimone, University of North Carolina Wilmington vice chancellor for business affairs. He noted that because the money goes specifically to infrastructure, the money can’t be used to save jobs.

The renovations have been in the planning stage at the school for nearly three years and one-time state funding for this purpose was approved and provided for the project this year.

The school is making repairs to the entryways because they are important gateways to the community and help guests identify the campus, Maimone said.

“Because UNCW does not have major buildings or large identifying signs with frontage along College Road, the gates are an important mechanism to not only identify the campus, but also to make the entrances more visible to those turning into it from a busy and sometimes dangerous roadway,” he said.

The school determined the need for upgrades at the site because of landscape overgrowth, needed light repairs and to increase the size of the lettering, which was previously too small for drivers to read with the volume and speed of traffic along College Road.

The fourth gate at the corner of College Road and Hurst is a response to changing traffic patterns that have caused the Hurst Road entrance to become much more used than in the past, he said.

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