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Why does the New Hanover County tax office accept credit cards online, but not in its office?

Powell Latimer

The New Hanover County Tax Administrator’s office doesn’t allow credit cards at the cashiers counter, but does allow payments at a public terminal at the office.

Credit cards are not accepted by the office because credit card companies charge a small fee to the tax office for handling the charge. Assistant Tax Administrator Jeff Niebauer explained it like this:

“What happens when you pay with a credit card, the credit card company charges a fee to us. So instead of $100, we get $98.50.”

To avoid the extra charges and ensure the county receives the full amount its owed, the tax office uses the website www.officialpayments.com as a way to pay with credit cards, yet ensure the fee is charged to the owner of the card and not the county.

The public terminal in the tax office is linked to officialpayments.com as well.

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