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When will the road connecting Mallory Creek and Brunswick Forest be completed?

Andrew Dunn

The short answer: Nobody knows.

The road connecting the two Brunswick County developments has been started, but no timetable exists for its completion.

Brunswick Forest has completed its part of the road, community manager Nicol VonShummer said. She said it’s just waiting on the Mallory Creek portion to connect.

But when that will be is uncertain.

“I don’t think anybody really knows,” said Leland Planning Director Robert Waring. He said the Mallory Creek portion goes through an area that is still undeveloped.

Waring said the town has been looking for grant money to complete it, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo, who is also a minority owner of Mallory Creek, said the developers will complete their section of the road as construction gets under way in that area. That will be based on the economy picking up, he said.

“When that is, no one really knows,” Saffo said.

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