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Will the former Nesbitt Courts condos be sold?

Ken Little

The project is being redeveloped into apartments, not condominiums, said Kellie Morris, marketing director of property owner Tribute Properties.

The project is called South Front Apartments.

Nesbit Courts

“The former Nesbitt Courts housing project is in the process of being redeveloped into a community of contemporary apartments. When complete, later this summer (2011), South Front Apartments will offer over 200 one- and two- bedroom apartment homes,” Morris said.

Biltmark Corp. is the building contractor for Tribute Properties, which is the owner-developer of the project.

Tribute Properties is working with local architect Cothran Harris and local craftsmen to rehabilitate the buildings, rather than rebuilding from the ground up, Morris said.

“Concrete floors are being cleaned and sealed to reveal their aggregate composition and concrete counters will add to the contemporary, industrial-inspired design,” she said. “The exterior of each building has been sandblasted to reveal masonry from the late 1930s when Nesbitt Courts was originally built.”

South Front Apartments will also include a full-service community center with pool, fitness area, chef’s kitchen, theater and a community garden area, Morris said.

The Wilmington Housing Authority sold the 13-acre property in 2010. Nesbitt Courts was completed in 1940 and had been vacant since 2007.

Reservations for apartments can be made by calling Tribute Properties at (910) 251-2391.

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