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Why wasn’t parking for the convention center ribbon cutting free?

Shannan Bowen
Wilmington Convention Center

The Wilmington Convention Center dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony took place Jan. 13, 2011. (StarNews photo by Mike Spencer)

Steve Bridges, assistant to the Wilmington city manager for development, said parking was free on Jan. 13, 2011, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Wilmington Convention Center. However, parking attendants and attendees might have been confused by the multiple lines directing people to park for either the ribbon cutting or the BizTech Conference & Expo, a two-day event produced by the Greater Wilmington Business Journal that began an hour after the ribbon-cutting event.

Parking for the BizTech Conference & Expo was $5, and some parking attendants might have mistakenly told ribbon-cutting attendees they also had to pay the same rate as those going to the conference.

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