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Who do I contact about displaying artwork in the new convention center?

Ben Steelman

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be an option. The art that’s presently in the Wilmington Convention Center was chosen by a city committee and is intended for permanent display, according to CEO Susan Eaton. At the present, there are no plans to hang rotating exhibits there, Eaton said.

Wilmington Convention Center

When it comes to other public buildings, opportunities seem slim. In New Hanover County government, art displays are up to the officials in charge of each particular building. For more information, contact assistant county manager Andre Mallette’s officer at 798-7189.

Melissa Talbert, public information officer for the City of Wilmington, said the city has no public art program since the demise of the Pedestrian Art project at the end of 2010.

If you’re looking for a public space to exhibit, one option is the WHQR Gallery, on the third floor at 254 N. Front St. downtown. The gallery is again arranging exhibits by local artists, in exchange for a share of the proceeds if any the works are sold. Exhibits generally remain on display for three months or so. Gallery coordinator Mary Bradley said the space is booked through the third quarter of 2011, but the station will be issuing a call for applications shortly. For more information, visit www.whqr.org or phone the public radio station at (910) 343-1640.

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