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Where do movies stars typically stay when shooting a film in Wilmington?

Hunter Ingram

2017 update: Your guess as to where film and TV stars settled down while filming in Wilmington and the region is, often times, as good as ours.

Far from the bright lights of Hollywood and the paparazzi, most stars see the Cape Fear region as an escape where they can keep their head down and work, without advertising where they are every minute.

Still, there are some favorite lodging options for actors, all of which are largely dependent on how long they are here.

Many of those in town for just a few days of shooting will stay at hotels like the Hilton Wilmington Riverside at 301 N. Water St., or even at bed and breakfasts, if they want a more personal experience.

Those who stay in town longer often take advantage of the coastal views and rent houses at Wrightsville Beach or Figure Eight Island. Robert Downey Jr. is said to have rented an oceanfront home while he was in town filming “Iron Man 3.”

While some of the younger actors on “Under the Dome” stayed in apartments rented for them by the production. “One Tree Hill” actors James Lafferty and Brett Caldwell shared an apartment during the first season of the show, as did “Dawson’s Creek” stars James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson.

Some actors will post up in condos, like some of the cast members of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow.”

In the past, when shows would shoot in Wilmington for years at a time, actors would opt to buy houses and make their lives in Wilmington, which was the case for many of the “One Tree Hill” cast members.

Original post by Amy Hotz: For obvious reasons, movie stars don’t like to advertise their lodgings when they come to town. And, really, they could stay anywhere.

Some spots, however, have been known to be particularly Hollywood friendly.

Many in town for just a few days will stay at the Hilton Wilmington Riverside at 301 N. Water St., Wilmington [Map this], or at The Wilmingtonian at 101 S. Second St., Wilmington [Map this]. Alfre Woodard stayed at the latter. Several cast members of “Eastbound & Down,” stayed at the Hilton when the pilot was shot in 2007. When the show filmed part of its second season here, rooms were reserved at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort at Wrightsville Beach.

Those who stay in town longer usually rent houses at Wrightsville Beach or Figure Eight Island.

But, just like everyone else, some actors are beach people while others are city people.

“Dawson’s Creek” stars James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson rented an apartment above Deluxe. Van Der Beek then moved into a 2,300-square-foot unit at the J.W. Brooks Building, 18 S. Water St., Wilmington [Map this]. He moved out in 2001, however, because of privacy issues. (Lovestruck teenage tourists allegedly used to pelt his windows with rocks.) Katie Holmes used to live above 212 N. Front St., Wilmington [Map this].

And those who stay for really long times, like the cast of “One Tree Hill” often end up buying homes. Anywhere from the Ogden area and Carolina Beach to downtown Wilmington.

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