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How does New Hanover schools’ budget for athletics compare with physical education?

Powell Latimer

New Hanover County Schools budgeted $1.7 million for athletics for the 2010-2011 school year. That includes coaches’ stipends, equipment, travel, officiating crews, and some renovations.

The biggest chunks of that pie are the salaries for the high school athletic directors (a combined total of $237,816), coaching stipends (a combined total of $411,000), and sports supplies (a combined total of $254,300). Keep in mind that these totals are cumulative for all New Hanover County schools, not only the high schools – though the high schools certainly account for the bulk of the expense.

As a whole, that $1.7 million for athletics comes out of a $214 million total budget of expenditures for New Hanover County in 2010-2011. Percentage-wise, that’s less than 1 percent of the total budget. It’s also important to note that while the renovations for Title IX came out of the capital outlay process, the locker room renovations at Hoggard and Laney high schools were combined less than $60,000.

Seventy-two percent of that $214 million goes toward instructional programs, of which physical education would be a part.

Physical education dollars are harder to figure. The school district does not differentiate between types of instructional programs nor types of teachers, so history, English and P.E. are all lumped into the same pot.

That being said, Mary Hazel Small, chief financial officer for the district, provided the number of physical education teachers in the county: 67. That’s 6.6 percent of the 1,013 total teachers in the system, and by taking the average salary for those teachers, we can get a pretty good estimate.

New Hanover budgeted more than $61 million in total compensation for teachers this school year, with $38,486,600 budgeted explicitly for teacher salaries. That comes to an average of $37,992.70 per teacher. Extrapolate that for the P.E. teachers and you get $2,545,510.60 in salary for P.E. teachers in New Hanover County Schools.

As far as programs go, again that’s harder to figure since the district doesn’t have that information delineated in its budget.

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