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Has the WHA rented homes in Alamosa Place for its residents?

Shelby Sebens

Wilmington Housing Authority CEO Mike Krause said the agency has not rented any homes from the Alamosa Place subdivisions. But, the housing authority is giving residents from Solomon Towers and Creekwood South the option of staying with friends and family while the housing units are being renovated.

Some housing authority voucher holders also elected to live in Alamosa Place and are using their vouchers to rent there, Krause said. They can use the vouchers wherever they want as long as the landlord is willing to comply with voucher rules.

The voucher program basically means the resident is getting rental assistance that the housing authority pays directly to the landlord, Krause said.

He added the housing authority cannot steer a voucher holder toward a particular property.

“We are not renting anything,” he added.

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One Response to “ Has the WHA rented homes in Alamosa Place for its residents?”

  1. On January 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm Eaglemania wrote:

    Oh great, Now I know why there has been so many break ins and rift raft hanging around the streets. Thanks WHA for helping keep our streets safe. What a joke!