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Can a retiring N.C. police officer purchase his or her duty weapon for $1?

Jim Ware

Retiring law enforcement officers in North Carolina or their survivors can buy their service weapons under N.C. General Statute 20-187.2.

The price is determined by the local governing body.

Here’s the text of the statute, which also allows for badges of retiring or deceased officers to be awarded to survivors at no cost.

Badges and service side arms of deceased or retiring members of State, city and county law‑enforcement agencies; weapons of active members.

(a) Surviving spouses, or in the event such members die unsurvived by a spouse, surviving children of members of North Carolina State, city and county law‑enforcement agencies killed in the line of duty or who are members of such agencies at the time of their deaths, and retiring members of such agencies shall receive upon request and at no cost to them, the badge worn or carried by such deceased or retiring member. The governing body of a law‑enforcement agency may, in its discretion, also award to a retiring member or surviving relatives as provided herein, upon request, the service side arm of such deceased or retiring members, at a price determined by such governing body, upon securing a permit as required by G.S. 14‑402 et seq. or 14‑409.1 et seq., or without such permit provided the weapon shall have been rendered incapable of being fired. Governing body shall mean for county and local alcohol beverage control officers, the county or local board of alcoholic control; for all other law‑enforcement officers with jurisdiction limited to a municipality or town, the city or town council; for all other law‑enforcement officers with countywide jurisdiction, the board of county commissioners; for all State law‑enforcement officers, the head of the department.

Another section of the statute allows for active-duty officers to buy service weapons when their department or agency replaces the weapons. The price is determined by a formula included in the section.

(b) Active members of North Carolina State law‑enforcement agencies, upon change of type of weapons, may purchase the weapon worn or carried by such member at a price which shall be the average yield to the State from the sale of similar weapons during the preceding year. (1971, c. 669; 1973, c. 1424; 1975, c. 44; 1977, c. 548; 1979, c. 882; 1987, c. 122.)

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