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Where can I find the outcome of a criminal court case?

Brian Freskos
Pender County Courthouse

People arrive at the Pender County Courthouse on Nov. 4, 2009, to take advantage of Immunity Day. (StarNews file photo)

Although local court schedules are wildly unpredictable, attending the trial or watching the plea is the best way to see a criminal court case unfold and ultimately climax with a sentence.

Still, even if you missed the live show, there are ways of finding the outcome.

In New Hanover County, you can call the main information line at (910) 341-1111 and follow the prompts to talk to someone in the district or superior criminal court division. If you happen to be in downtown Wilmington, you might just want to drop by the courthouse on Princess Street, between Third and Fourth streets, and take the elevator down to the criminal records division in Room 112.

In Brunswick County, calling (910) 253-8509 will connect you with someone in the criminal division who can help find the information you seek. If you happen to be in Bolivia, stop at the courthouse off Old Ocean Highway and visit the criminal division in the clerk’s office on the first floor.

Last but not least, court case outcomes in Pender County can be obtained by telephone one of two ways: If it’s a district court case, call (910) 259-1229 and dial extension 226. If it’s a superior court case, call (910) 259-1229 and extension 228. If you don’t know which court the case is assigned, call either and someone will help you out. And, again, if you want to check out the records in person, visit Room 8 of the Pender County Courthouse, 100 S. Wright St., Burgaw [Map this].

Just remember, before you visit any courthouse, empty your pockets of knives, handguns, Mac-10s, or anything that could be construed as a weapon. For you handymen and women, that includes pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers. If they catch you with this stuff at the metal detectors, you might not get it back.

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One Response to “ Where can I find the outcome of a criminal court case?”

  1. On December 19, 2010 at 11:02 am Kim wrote:

    http://www.123nc.com has all the court cases for the state of NC with the case information and dispositions. There is a small fee for searching but the information is updated daily and is provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts. (It is public information after all) This sure beats driving downtown, searching for a parking spot and then pestering a court clerk!

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