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Whatever happened to the medical complex scheduled to be built in Scotts Hill?

Trista Talton

The economic recession.

That’s right. New Hanover Regional Medical Center has put plans to build the complex on hold because of the economy, according to Erin Balzotti, the hospital’s media relations coordinator.

“We are still considering our outpatient presence in that area,” she said. “We are not moving forward because of economic considerations. But, we will continue to monitor patients’ needs in that area and see how we can best meet them.”

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One Response to “ Whatever happened to the medical complex scheduled to be built in Scotts Hill?”

  1. On June 19, 2011 at 9:42 am Sue wrote:

    That’s is not a correct answer. NHRMC ended up purchasing lots of stuff around this area instead of doing anything with this location, so economics I think not.

    Ask about all the free standing radiology facililties they decided to buy two to three years ago.

    Facility that used to be Delaney on Market Street almost beside the property you discussed (Medac is a part of this location near Porter’s Neck)
    Facility in Brunswick Forest
    Facility that Atlantic Radiology owned near fire station on Military Cutoff (near the fire department on Military Cutoff) and closed the one at the Forum (which everyone loved and NHRMC had invested lots of money to get all the equipment into it)
    Facility near NHRMC, that had been owned by Atlantic Radiology center even though NHRMC Medical Mall with the same services set almost beside the location.

    Half truths come from NHRMC mouth