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Is Winding River Plantation in Bolivia or Lockwoods Folly Township?

Ken Little

Winding River Plantation is in Lockwoods Folly Township, but has a Bolivia mailing address. Located on Goley Hewett Road Southeast, it is outside the incorporated limits of Bolivia.

The private, gated community was developed in the mid-1990s and is less than a mile from the intersection of N.C. 211 and U.S. 17. It borders the Lockwoods Folly River.

Lockwoods Folly Township is one of six different townships in Brunswick County. The townships are not municipalities, and are better defined as districts that make up a geographic area within the county, according to the Brunswick County Tax Office.

Winding River Plantation falls within the boundaries of Lockwoods Folly Township.

The other five townships in Brunswick County are Northwest Township, Town Creek Township, Smithville Township, Shallotte Township and Waccamaw Township. All of the county’s municipalities and developments in unincorporated areas, like Winding River Plantation, are located within one of the six townships.

For a map showing specific boundaries of the county’s townships, go to Page 4 of the Brunswick County Mini-Data book.

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