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Were the black bear or alligator that visited Carolina Beach in the summer of 2010 ever spotted again?

Ken Little

Robbie Norville, coastal region private lands supervising wildlife biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. said it’s unusual, but ‘gators do occasionally take to the ocean.

“I have even had one picked up several miles off shore. The ‘gator in question was first spotted near Carolina Beach and eventually made it to Fort Fisher. It then crossed over the island to the Cape Fear River,” Norville said.

As for bears, “All of our coastal cities have at one time or another had black bears visit,” Norville said.

Norville added: “Typically, these are isolated, short-term events where dispersing juvenile bears searching for a new territory end up in town. Generally, these are young male bears on their own for the first time and their naivety sometimes gets them in trouble. The Wildlife Resources Commission rarely intervenes since the bears are gone within a day or two.”

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