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Has there been any increase in squirrel population recently?

Trista Talton

Since experts at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission do not specifically monitor the squirrel population, there’s no clear-cut answer.

But Robbie Norville, a coastal region supervising wildlife biologist with the wildlife commission, said he believes the squirrel population is stable.

Squirrels, unlike some animals, have a hearty appetite for food usually in abundance, such as acorns, so they tend to do “quite well,” he said. Backyard temptations, such as bird feeders, keep them coming back for more.

“Within urban settings there’s rarely a shortage of food for them,” Norville said.

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One Response to “ Has there been any increase in squirrel population recently?”

  1. On October 15, 2010 at 5:02 pm Seth wrote:

    Maybe I had just noticed more activity because it’s the fall, but I’m also noticing more hawks and owls. Seem to me if the population of prey increases so does the population of predator. That’s all.