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What pesticide does New Hanover County spray for mosquitoes? Is it harmful to humans or pets?

Vicky Eckenrode

New Hanover County’s vector control division uses a pesticide called Biomist 30+30 to spray for mosquitoes.

Dave Jenkins, an environmental health specialist with New Hanover County’s health department, said it is rated for public use and not harmful to pets or humans.

He said the only issue he has heard of is people with a respiratory condition.

“It might cause a concern there,” Jenkins said. “But the exposure level’s very minimum.”

The pesticide is made as an “ultra-low volume application to control adult mosquitoes in residential and recreational areas,” according to its label, which is listed on the health department’s website.

Caution statements on the pesticide’s label state that it can cause mild eye irritation, and breathing the vapor or spray mist should be avoided.

New Hanover County’s mosquito spray map and schedule.

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