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Do cars get ticketed for parking too close to intersections in Wilmington?

Brian Freskos

You betcha.

Lt. George Perkins of the Wilmington Police Department said he issued a ticket for a blue VW Jetta parked too close at the intersection of Third and Dock streets just last week.

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One Response to “ Do cars get ticketed for parking too close to intersections in Wilmington?”

  1. On November 13, 2011 at 2:05 pm WilmingtonStreetsSuck wrote:

    Cars rarely get ticketed in the loading zones on Princess Street at the end of 2nd Street in front of Mugsy’s and Princess Pizza. Every night, there are cabs and customers using these two spaces to sit and park despite it being a loading zone and not a parking space. What is crazier is that less than a block away the Wilmington Police Department meets outside to regroup between shifts, but never seems to notice.

    Many times, they will use these loading zones to park their limos (from the Beach House) and cabs and then walk into Mugsy’s only to return to their vehicles 30-40 minutes later without a passenger in tow. Hmm, maybe a breathalyzer would be in order before these drivers get back on the road.

    If that’s not enough, the buses have a major stop along 2nd Street at this area and cars trying to turn onto Princess avoiding the parked buses which block view frequently need the space being held by the people parked illegally in front of Mugsys to complete their turn or to make certain the right of way is clear.

    Let’s not ticket them though because we don’t want to keep people from going downtown despite the parking decks having 90 minutes of free parking. Whatever. Ticket the people who can’t walk half a block to the decks and make some money for the growing deficit.

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