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Are there plans to connect Ploof Road Extension in Leland to Ploof Road?

Andrew Dunn

Ploof Road extension

There is currently nothing in the works to connect the Ploof Road Extension next to the Arbors at Westgate neighborhood in Leland to Ploof Road after plans for a new subdivision on a neighboring piece of land fell apart.

Originally, the plan was for the Ploof Road Extension to run through a new subdivision (on a piece of land called the Trifecta Road tract) and then back to Ploof Road through a four-way intersection, said Robert Waring, planning manager for the town of Leland. But the developer was not able to move forward with the project and lost his letter of credit.

The N.C. Department of Transportation also does not have any plans to connect the two roads. While the N.C. DOT maintains Ploof Road, any connection to the would be under the purview of the town of Leland, said assistant district engineer Jon Roan.

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