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What happened to WWAY-TV3 chief meteorologist Chris Phillips?

Wayne Faulkner

Former chief meteorologist Chris Phillips’ contract expired three months ago, said Andy Combs, WWAY general manager. Combs declined to elaborate.

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Lara Freeman

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54 Responses to “ What happened to WWAY-TV3 chief meteorologist Chris Phillips?”

  1. On November 25, 2010 at 11:13 am Lori wrote:

    @Suzanne I don’t pick up WWAY where I live so I don’t get to watch Chris at all unless he is in a video report on the Internet. So I do understand your point of view. But I focus on the fact that first, Chris is back at WWAY and second, he says he is happy with the job he currently has, so I want to support his decision as I’m sure you and any other fan of his does. We may not see him all the time, but we do know that some of his reports may be seen on air and we do know that they can be seen on the Internet and we can comment on them.

  2. On December 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm Johnny wrote:

    It sounds like maybe Lori is a friend of Chris’ and I can understand that just watching him on the website may be ok for her. The rest of us are dissatisfied with a news outlet that was a sometimes important and necessary part of out lives, especially when it came to the weather.

    If Combs wanted to see the real impact of his decisions in the past few months, then split the anchor duties between Chris and Privet. Chris has anchored the news before so he can handle it. I don’t mean have them on together, but give each one two half hour segments on their own and then compare the ratings. Maybe then Combs would see what we are trying to say.

  3. On December 2, 2010 at 11:12 pm Lori wrote:

    @Johnny- No I’m not a friend of Chris. I am a fan just like others are.

  4. On December 5, 2010 at 6:48 pm Lara wrote:

    So Chris is now listed as a reporter/anchor but they just hired some kewpie doll from Iowa to replace Ann (oh yes, she should be able to tell me all about my hometown news since she is from halfway across the country) so I do not see Chris getting any airtime either. I too think the entire thing is a ploy by Combs to try and reacquire viewers but they can forget this one. I also do not understand going back to work for an organization that just gave you the shaft and especially when the return offer does not seem much better. I cannot believe how badly they ruined this newscast and they are still at it.

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