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Are there any willow trees in the parks of Wilmington?

Ken Little

A few weeping willows are planted in Wilmington parks, city parks Superintendent Nina Johnston said.

Some smaller willows are growing in Wade Park, off Bethel Road, along a stormwater pond, Johnston said.

“We really do not have any planted in city parks to speak of but do plan on a couple down along the river as part of the landscaping for the upgrades to the boat ramp at the end of Castle Street,” Johnston said.

The willow trees should be planted this fall.

Johnston recalled that willow trees were planted at Anne McCrary Park on Randall Parkway some years ago, “but the beavers chewed them down to make their homes,” she said. The trees were never replaced.

Johnston made some inquiries and was told about one willow in the 900 block of Robert E. Lee Drive. She said there is another willow tree on Greenville Sound Road along the banks of a pond, not far from Oleander Drive.

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One Response to “ Are there any willow trees in the parks of Wilmington?”

  1. On December 8, 2011 at 1:42 am Rye Guy wrote:

    There are some Wilows planted around the retention pond at the Eastwood Road entrance to Mayfaire. There is also a Willow panted at the retention pond directly opposite Mayfair and adjacent to the Animal Hospital and office condo’s on Sir Tyer Drive.