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Are there any plans for a sidewalk or bike trail along Wrightsville Avenue between College Road and Military Cutoff?

Ken Little

The city of Wilmington’s plans for Wrightsville Avenue include bike lanes and sidewalks in some areas. But because of budget constraints, the city has yet to decide when the improvements will occur.

The city’s Wrightsville Avenue 2030 plan calls for bike lanes connecting the area near South College Road to Oleander Drive.

Sidewalks are listed as a high priority for the stretch of Wrightsville Avenue connecting Hawthorne Drive to the area near South College Road, according to the plan. Sidewalks between Hawthorne and Oleander on Wrightsville are listed as medium priority, according to the plan.

On the other side of Oleander Drive, on Airlie Road, no bike lanes are planned. But sidewalks are recommended and listed as a medium priority, according to the plan.

Wrightsville Avenue 2030 is a land use and transportation plan that was adopted in April 2010. The plan can be downloaded from the city’s web site.


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One Response to “ Are there any plans for a sidewalk or bike trail along Wrightsville Avenue between College Road and Military Cutoff?”

  1. On March 26, 2012 at 9:27 am anne russell wrote:

    As a constant bicyclist who rides Airlie/Wrightsville Ave. several times a week, I plead with planners to make one fairly inexpensive correction at intersection of Airlie and Military Cutoff, next to St. Andrew’s Church:

    When no car rides over the bars installed in the pavement to trigger light change (on Airlie side heading west to Wrightsville Ave), a bicycle is insufficient to trigger the change which allows a cyclist to proceed safely west. We have waited through three changes of light without safe passage, so we resort to risking our lives by riding against the light in order to cross Military Cutoff.

    Please install a button on the pole next to Airlie Road so we may trigger the light for our safe passage. It’s a simple thing which won’t cost much, and likely may save a life or two, especially since Airlie is designated a bicycle pathway which is much utilized.