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What happened to “Lucky” the snake?

Shannan Bowen

Billy Ballard, left, and his brother, Ronnie Ballard, with a seven-foot boa constrictor that they rescued after they saw a vehicle hit the snake on Oct. 7, 2009 on N.C 133 near Orton Plantation. File photo

“Lucky,” the boa constrictor rescued in October 2009 by two brothers driving down N.C. 133, has a new home.

Billy and Ronnie Ballard took the injured snake to the Cape Fear Serpentarium, where the owner and others helped to rehabilitate the snake.

The snake was injured when the brothers found it, but a staff member of the serpentarium – a downtown snake museum – said the snake was nursed back to good health.

The boa constrictor was sold to a friend of the serpentarium’s owner, and a staff member said the new owners kept the name “Lucky” because they knew the snake‚Äôs story.

The Ballard brothers called the snake “Lucky” when they first found it, because they said they believed it was a stroke of luck that helped them rescue the snake.

At the time, the owner of the serpentarium, Dean Ripa, said the snake could have died within a month because of falling temperatures.

Boa constrictors are native to tropical climates, such as in South America, and they tend to live alone, according to information from National Geographic.

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