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What happened to plans for the multimodal transit center downtown?

Merton Vance

Plans are still in the works for a downtown transportation center.

Construction is not yet scheduled and could still be years away, but negotiations are continuing to complete the purchase of property for the proposed multimodal transit system.

The project got $9 million in state money and $1 million in local funds to buy land for the project between Third and Fourth streets and Red Cross and Hanover streets.

The site is bounded partly by an old railroad bed, which could provide a rail link option if passenger train service is ever available again. In addition, the plans call for a Greyhound Bus Line station and a station for local bus and taxi services.

The questioner also asked why the new WAVE transit center off College Road couldn’t be used for a multimodal center.

WAVE’s transfer station location was selected partly because it needed to be in a central location for city buses.

The multimodal center was proposed for downtown because it has rail access and because studies showed a demand for transportation downtown.

Here’s a link with more information on the multimodal center plans:


For more information on the WAVE transit project:


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One Response to “ What happened to plans for the multimodal transit center downtown?”

  1. On December 1, 2013 at 10:13 pm Kathy May wrote:

    As a senior citizen, rail service would be such a positive tourist attraction for this area. It would enhance the lives of many residents and guest to our area.