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What is the money collected by Park Wilmington used for?

Patrick Gannon

All money collected from parking fees supports the parking program, including debt on the parking decks, operations, and parking and security employees, said Wilmington parking manager Betty Gurganus.

The parking fund is an enterprise fund of the city, meaning it is separate from the city’s general fund and the revenue brought in by parking goes directly into the parking fund.

N.C. General Statute 160A-301 authorizes the city to “regulate, restrict, and prohibit the parking of vehicles on public streets, alleys and bridges within the city.” That same authority allows the city to regulate parking in city operated lots or decks, according to the Wilmington city attorney’s office.

The city contracts with Lanier Parking, also known as Park Wilmington, for three years to manage the city’s parking program, including writing tickets.

But Park Wilmington has no authority beyond that, and its security workers can’t enforce laws. Sworn police officers handle enforcement of laws, such as break-ins or robberies, the attorney’s office said.

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