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Is hunting legal in the Middle Sound area?

Dan Spears

Waterfowl hunting is treated like fishing, and is therefore allowed on all public trust waters that are not within city limits. But that doesn’t mean county law enforcement has no jurisdiction. Pender County has a 200-foot separation between a house and a person discharging a firearm without the owner’s written permission. In New Hanover County, former sheriff Sid Causey said if shotgun pellets strike a home, he considered it to be a breach of a safe firearms use, subject to custodial arrest.

For any questions of this sort, the reader should consult the local law enforcement agency, as well as the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s division of enforcement and ask for the local wildlife enforcement officer.

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3 Responses to “ Is hunting legal in the Middle Sound area?”

  1. On December 10, 2009 at 12:14 am Margie Kye wrote:

    He shouldn’t even THINK of hunting in Middle Sound! It is heavily populated with people and pets. The few animals that have survived the massive land-clearing and development are hanging on by a thread. Don’t kill these survivors! Let them live as best they can with what little space they have left!

  2. On December 12, 2009 at 5:40 pm Leon wrote:

    I wasn’t thinking about hunting there. I wanted to know if I could stop the shooting all around my house!

  3. On December 13, 2009 at 8:33 pm J Michael wrote:

    Let me guess. People from the cities move here and bulldoze everything in sight which decreases the natural habitat and now they do not want the original inhabitants to hunt a wildlife population that is in abundance. What species is threatened? Not deer, that is for sure. And the ducks? They are primarily migratory.

    The complaint most often heard is that interferes with their “quiet enjoyment”. And good luck to the sheriff finding those shotgun pellets and getting ballistics tying them to a particular shotgun.

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