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Why does recycling service cost extra and is not included with trash service in New Hanover County?

Ken Little

There are several factors in play, says Lynn Bestul, New Hanover County solid waste planner.

“There is a cost to purchase vehicles for the collection of materials. Fuel, maintenance and personnel are also expenses. You could cover up the cost of recycling by increasing the garbage rates, but I for one would prefer to see the entire breakdown of charges,” Bestul says.

Taxes paid by residents of New Hanover County do not support the solid waste management system, Bestul adds.

“The (county) Environmental Management Department is enterprise-funded by sale of electricity from the waste-to-energy plant, the garbage tip fee and the sale of recyclables,” he says.

Several years ago, the county commissioners voted against franchising the collection of garbage, recycling and yard debris.

“If the vote was brought up today, the outcome may be different, however,” Bestul says. “Currently, there is a request for proposal to have private haulers take over the Environmental Management Department.”

Oil filters and pallets can be brought to the county landfill at 5210 U.S. 421 N. for special handling. The oil and oil filters are processed through an outside company that recycles the oil and sells the metal filters as scrap metal. The wooden pallets are mulched by a contractor, who hauls the mulch off-site and sells it as boiler fuel, Bestul says.

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5 Responses to “ Why does recycling service cost extra and is not included with trash service in New Hanover County?”

  1. On September 25, 2009 at 7:09 am Justin wrote:

    I am the originator of the question. The actual question asked was “why do residents in the Northchase neighborhood who have to use A-1 Sanitation for trash service, have to pay extra for recycling service as opposed to other residents in New Hanover that are on city trash who get a recycle bin included”? The fact is, that when you subscribe to trash service with A-1, recycling is not included…you only get a trash bin. We only knew about the recycling program because of a small blurb about it on our last bill…when I called about it, I was told it’s $6.75 extra each month. We recycle a lot, so we now have service with them, however I do not see anyone else within a 3 street radius around me having a recycle bin, which is very sad.

    Residents in New Hanover Co that have the city trash service, automatically get a recycle bin with service whether they want to use it or not. This encourages people to recycle. If you FORCE customers to pay an extra monthly fee for recycling service such as A-1 Sanitation does, hardly anyone will use the service, they will just throw recyclables away. Because of the new trash laws taking effect, you are essentially breaking the law by throwing away things like food containers, etc.

  2. On October 9, 2009 at 8:41 am EB wrote:

    I to have trash service. My trash container was full before we started recycling. Now it is about 1/4 on pickup day. This is saving the trash company’s $$$. They could take the extra $$$ and purchase trucks and containers for recycling. They pickup less trash and less trips to the landfill. So why not lower the trash bill $6.75 or give everyone a recycyling bin. It’s the law now to recycle.

  3. On November 14, 2009 at 10:11 am Pat wrote:

    Reading Lynn Bestul comment it is for sure she wants the giant Waste
    mgt. to take over….Not a good idea! it will take some time for the county to make a profit from our trash..But they will. Believe me if this were not true Waste mgt. and others would not be trying so hard to take over. and if you think your cost are high not read the post from Jason with A-1 with a company that is not doing a good job. If a private company takes over we will be at their mercy and it would be a pretty picture.
    So look into this Star News do some investigating……
    I did when I received a VERY Slanted telephone survey about what I thought about the counties handling of my trash….someone is pushing out their and we will pay!

  4. On July 30, 2010 at 11:25 am Tom wrote:

    I must put a correction here:

    No one outside of the Wilmington city limits has “County” trash collection. The City of Wilmington does not offer trash collection outside of the limits. In the unincorporated parts of the county the consumer choses their trash collection company. They all make you pay for recycling.

  5. On November 3, 2010 at 9:42 am Andy wrote:

    We are outside of city limits and also have service from A1. Instead of paying for recycling, we take ours to the Lowes Foods in Murrayville that has large bins out front. I’m just throwing this option out there!

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