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Are there punishments for leaving an animal in a car with the windows closed on a hot day?

David Reynolds

State law may not say “don’t leave your pet in a hot car.” Still, that doesn’t mean you can get away with it. Wrightsville Beach Police Office Shannon Slocum said leaving your pet in a car on a hot day meets the standards for animal cruelty. He’s never lost a case when charging someone with the misdemeanor after removing their dog from a hot car. On a hot day a parked car feels like an oven and opening a window doesn’t provide any significant relief.  Slocum advises anyone traveling with a pet during the summer to call their destination ahead and make sure animals are allowed. At Wrightsville Beach, officers will look for an owner only briefly before breaking a window and removing a pet from a hot car. If that happens, the owner is charged with animal cruelty, which requires a court appearance.

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2 Responses to “ Are there punishments for leaving an animal in a car with the windows closed on a hot day?”

  1. On July 5, 2009 at 9:25 am Wayne wrote:

    Leaving all windows open, the sunroof open, with cold towels to sit on and parked in the shade with bowls of water in the car; I am sorry, but I believe if you do this when you leave your dog briefly while you run into a store, is NOT animal cruelty and has the dog’s comfort in mind while they are driving with their owner; how about dogs that are left in a house that may not have air conditioning; or outside in the direct sun either; who is policing those people? Be reasonable and fair and when you are nosy and looking into people’s cars make sure that when you report said cruelty of a dog that they are in fact in distress and not in the conditions stated above. Dogs also pant to cool themselves off it is not a sign of distress.

  2. On August 28, 2009 at 11:41 am Teresa wrote:

    Reply to Wayne’s comment: On a hot day park a car in the shade, put wet towels in the car to sit on, a glass of water, windows down, sunroof open, and put a fur coat on him. How would he like it? Maybe he needs to try it and then let him repost his comment! If this is not cruelty then give me an example of your defination.

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