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Are the red light cameras working in Wilmington?

Patrick Gannon

Unfortunately for those who run red lights, all 13 of the city’s red-light cameras are on, and tickets are being issued from all of them, said Don Bennett, the city traffic engineer.

Several months ago, the camera at South 16th and Wooster streets was out of service for a while, but it has since been repaired.

Meanwhile, the city is in negotiations with TraffiPax, the red-light camera program operator, on a new contract that will allow for the continuation of the program for years to come. The new contract could include changes in the locations and number of cameras.

The Wilmington City Council is expected to consider that contract in August 2009.

The cameras are intended to keep motorists from running red lights at some of the city’s busiest and most dangerous intersections. Red-light running can cause “angle” or “T-bone” crashes, which can lead to serious injuries.

Cameras at the intersections take photographs of violators license plates, and they get citations mailed to them.

So, you may want to reconsider trying to beat that light.

Here are the locations of the current red light cameras. (The first street name is where the cameras are positioned on.)

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1 – 17th at Dawson (northbound)

2 – Dawson at Third (eastbound)

3 – Wooster at Fifth (westbound)

4 – Wooster at 17th (westbound)

5 – College at 17th (northbound)

6 – Market at MLK (southbound)

7 – Dawson at 16th (eastbound)

8 – Wrightsville at Colonial (westbound)

9 – Market at Kerr (westbound)

10 – 16th at Wooster (southbound)

11- Wooster at 3rd (westbound)

12 – Carolina Beach Road at Southern (northbound)

13 – Market at 17th (westbound)

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