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How did Whitey’s El-Berta Motor Inn get its name?

Wayne Faulkner

The “Whitey” part honors the nickname of hotel and adjacent restaurant co-owner Horace (Whitey) Prevatte, whose two sons, Mike and Brian, are his business partners.

As far as “El-Berta,” Herbert King built the orginal, 18-room motel building on Market Street in the early 1950s. His wife’s name was Berta, according to Mike Prevatte. The “El” came along when the King family took a trip to Florida and saw several independent motels that had “El” as the first part of their names, he added. When the Prevattes came on board in the late 1970s, they didn’t want to lose the name recognition so they just added “Whitey’s.”

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Curt Simpson

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3 Responses to “ How did Whitey’s El-Berta Motor Inn get its name?”

  1. On June 4, 2009 at 2:22 pm James ( Jim ) Reese wrote:

    I remember when Kerr and market street werre just out of Wilmington. There were lots of pine trees and like Mike said there was a big Magnolia tree across the street. This has been my home away from home for many years. I’m sure all of us will miss it and as someone else said. ” there goes another part of Wilmington history “

  2. On June 4, 2009 at 4:02 pm scott overmyer wrote:

    I am very familiar with Whitey’s El-Berta motor inn. I have stayed there on several different occasion’s so I am shocked its going to be torn down! But the most important thing for me was that I was fortunate enough to stay at Whitey’s for three days immediately after having hernia surgery in July 2007. It was a real blessing- I needed it and I will never forget it! Scott Overmyer.

  3. On December 12, 2010 at 9:57 am mark clark wrote:


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