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Where is George Elliott?

Ben Steelman
George Elliott

Former WECT meteorologist George Elliott says he will be moving back to Wilmington in February 2011. (StarNews photo by Mike Spencer)

Wilmington television station WWAY announced on March 17, 2011, that George Elliott would be joining its staff. Want to know what George Elliott is up to? Check the comments section below for the latest news.

According to former WECT news director Raeford Brown, the former TV6 meteorologist moved to Louisville, Ky., in May 2009 to be near his brother.

George Elliott was with WECT from 1994 until Dec. 31, 2008, holding the weather chair through Hurricanes Bertha, Fran, Bonnie and Floyd. Before coming to Wilmington, the Chicago-area native worked for TV stations in Augusta, Ga., Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, Mich., San Angelo, Texas and Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was on the staff of The Weather Channel, 1986-1991, and served briefly with the National Weather Service in Montgomery, Ala., before moving to Wilmington.

In January, Elliott told me he was looking for opportunities outside broadcasting. According to the American Meteorological Society’s Web site, he’s let his “Broadcast Meteorologist certification lapse.”

Elliott literally wrote the book — or rather, a book — on predicting the weather: “Weather Forecasting: Rules, Techniques and Procedures,” published in 1988 by American Press. (You can still order it through Amazon.com.)

Noted for his distinctive voice and upbeat delivery, Elliott said he built his first weather station back in 1969, in his bedroom at his parents’ house, when he was 10 years old.

UPDATE: On Feb. 18, 2013, the StarNews published an interview with Elliott, who talked about his role as science consultant for a company poised to construct clean solar energy towers in two sites in the Southwest.

Meteorologist George Elliott a key player in wind energy effort


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