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Where can I find a public restroom at local beaches?

Saja Hindi

It was quite a relief to find the answer to a question about which beaches had public restrooms nearby.

We probably missed a few in the list we compiled below, so if you know of any not here, be sure to post a comment.

The list includes both full restroom facilities as well as portable toilets.

We’re not going to vouch for the condition of any of these, but a fair number we’ve been to have been relatively clean, in a public-restroom sort of way.


Caswell Beach:

  • 2 across from Progress Energy Discharge Canal, one on the east side and one on the west side

Oak Island:

  • 1 at Northeast 52nd at the Cabana
  • 1 at Southeast 46th
  • 2 at Kings Lynn
  • 1 at 16th East Place
  • 1 at Northeast 15th

Sunset Beach:

  • 2 at public parking lot at the gazebo


Wrightsville Beach:

  • 1 at 9 Bob Sawyer Drive
  • 1 at 650 South Lumina
  • 1 at 25 East Salisbury Street
  • 1 at 2398 North Lumina
  • 1 at 2698 North Lumina
  • 1 at 92 South Lumina

Carolina Beach:

  • 1 at the Boardwalk
  • 1 at Canal Lot
  • 1 at Marina Weeks Lot
  • 1 at Hamlet Parking Lot
  • 1 at Alabama Parking Lot
  • 1 at Sandpiper Parking Lot

Kure Beach:

  • 1 at Joe Eakes Park
  • Town Hall restrooms

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

  • 2 across from office on Boardwalk
  • 2 on the access to the beach


Surf City Beach:

  • 2 at Kinston Avenue Beach Access
  • 2 at Broadway Street Beach Access
  • 2 at Roland Avenue Beach Access
  • 2 at New Bern Avenue Beach Access
  • 2 at Soundside Park
  • 2 at Family Park

Topsail Beach:

  • 1 at Davis Avenue beach access
  • 1 at beach access south of Sea Vista Motel
  • 1 behind town hall, in front of the turtle hospital
  • 1 at the town marina

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One Response to “ Where can I find a public restroom at local beaches?”

  1. On June 9, 2009 at 8:09 am a wrote:

    But isn’t the ocean the biggest public restroom of all?