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How do I get my trash picked up in Wilmington?

Ben Steelman

If you live in the City of Wilmington, phone the Solid Waste Management Division at 341-7875.

The city of Wilmington provides weekly curbside trash pickup for all residents. At present, the monthly rate is $23.50 for a regular-sized trash cart and $19.40 for a mini-cart. (Note: The bill comes every other month, so you will be mailed for two months of service at a time.)

Bulky items, such as old appliances and furniture, will be carried off at no charge, but you must schedule a pickup by calling 341-7875.

Bagged garbage that won’t fit in the cart must be marked with an orange sticker. Otherwise, the crews won’t pick them up. You can pick up orange stickers from either of the Solid Waste offices, at 235 Operations Center Drive, Wilmington [Map this], off River Road near Independence Boulevard, or at 305 Chestnut St., Wilmington [Map this]. Or, you can call 341-7875, and the stickers will be mailed to you. Stickers cost $13.80 per dozen; you must buy a minimum of 12 at a time. The charge will be added onto your next utility bill.

Yard waste will be picked up the same day as your regular trash pickup. Place it near your cart on the sidewalk or curb. Grass clippings, pine straw, pine cones vines and other loose yard waste must be bagged or put in some kind of container. Limbs should be no longer than 4 feet or no wider than 6 inches in diameter. City officials you always have at least a few extra stickers on hand for those unexpected extra loads of trash.

The city encourages recycling. Recycling bins are available at no charge by calling 341-7875, and pickup will be the same day as regular trash service. Glass bottles, aluminum and other metal cans, plastic items (HDPE or PETE) and all paper and cardboard products will be accepted.

Trash pickup days vary, depending on the neighborhood. For a complete schedule, phone 341-7875.

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4 Responses to “ How do I get my trash picked up in Wilmington?”

  1. On June 11, 2009 at 5:44 am Sherry wrote:

    How do I dispose of old paint?

  2. On June 11, 2009 at 10:37 am Vaughn Hagerty wrote:

    Hi, Sherry. That’s a good question. Ben’s running down the answer and we’ll add something to the post to cover stuff like paint.

  3. On June 12, 2009 at 12:44 pm Ben Steelman wrote:

    If you just have empty paint cans, it’s no problem, said Bill Reed, the City of Wilmington’s superintendent of solid waste. Just dump them in your trash bin.

    If, however, you still have leftover paint in those cans, uh-oh. The city trash people can’t accept liquids, including paint, Reed said.

    You have a few other options:

    (1. Wait for the paint to dry up. (Dump cat litter in the can to soak up the paint, Reed suggested.) When it’s dry, you can dispose of it with your other trash.

    (2. Wait for Household Hazards Pick-up Day, which comes once a year, usually in September or October. (It hasn’t been officially scheduled yet for 2009.)

    (3. If you don’t want to wait, you can drive your leftover paint out to New Hanover County’s solid waste facility at 3002 U.S. 421 North — about 2.5 miles north of the S. Thomas Rhodes Bridge, the one just above the Battleship North Carolina Memorial. Or, you can take it to the county landfill, 5210 U.S. 421 North. New Hanover County residents (including city residents) can drop off up to 10 paint cans at no charge, said Lynn Bestul, the county’s solid waste planner. (Regulations are different if you’re a commercial painter or some other business.)

  4. On February 24, 2014 at 5:18 pm Mr. Lola James wrote:

    Mrs. James is having another Trash pick up on March 15th 2014. Can the city donate trash stickers. We know funding was given for improvements along bypass route but, none of those lovely curb appeals, seating at bus stops, or funds get to Princess Place Drive or East Wilmington area so can the city give us stikers at least so we can pick up trash you nice nasty citizens throw out your car windows in our area? Since the entire city uses Princess Place Drive to McDonald’s on a daily basis? So Independence got nice trash cans, seating at bus stops, and we cannot have donated stickers form city??? Will be discussed on Wed. at Union Baptist Church 11:00 a.m. Be there. Want you to be there.

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